Deep Tissue Massage


Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

Deep tissue full body massage, recommended for those people who enjoy strong, sports type massages. Only available for 55 minutes

55 minutes – 50 Euro



Beautifully relaxing and is designed to transport you into a world of pure bliss and relaxation.

55 minutes – 50 Euros

1.15 hrs – 60 Euros

1.5 hrs - 70 Euros


Nourishing natural infused oil massage



Advanced Clinical Massage



A deeply relaxing treatment using natural handmade aromatherapy oils/waxes to relax body and mind. Very nourishing and rejuvenating for skin.

55 minutes-50 Euros

1.15hrs – 60 Euros




Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy creatively combines and applies a range of advanced techniques including: 

  • Hydrotherapy, Myofascia release, Trigger Point Therapy.

  • Acupressure points, Soft Tissue Release, Sports Stretches.

  • Amma fusion Eastern style techniques. Spinal and Sacrum Bodywork

This treatment can help with chronic pain conditions, may help avoid painful surgery , decrease recovery time in post-operative patients, all scar tissue, for example after cesareans which may eventual lead to lower back pain; fibromyalgia and life trauma.

Aoife is a specialist in this type of treatment having undertaken years of advanced training in the UK and finds these techniques very powerful and healing with a good success rate. These sessions are offered in:

55 minutes – 50 Euros

1.15hrs – 60 Euros – recommended for chronic conditions

1.5 hrs - 70 Euros -– recommended for chronic conditions



Reflexology focuses the attention on the feet and their meridian lines to gently stimulate the circulation of many of the bodies systems and work on the body’s natural energy pathways creating a space for homeostasis. Deeply relaxing yet a powerful treatment.

50 minutes-45 Euros




Rejuvenating Facial and Neck massage


Nourish yourself top to toe session


Totally nourished - Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Myofascia release


Add on treatments

Reiki is a healing practice technique which supports and encourages overall balance in mind, body and spirit. Reiki treatment is usually applied by laying hands above or on the body allowing positive directed energy to flow into the body

50 minutes - 45 Euros


This will help increase blood flow and circulation to the face with special homemade aromatherapy facial oil blends. You can feel and see the results immediately!

30 minutes - 35 Euros


Reflexology, face and neck massage pamper session to send you off to another world.

1.15hrs – 60 Euros

1.5 hrs - 70 Euros



A combination of Myo facia release, massage, reflexology and Reiki to relax and rejuvenate you on all levels. Aoife will skillfully combine these techniques through her years of experienced creating a bespoke treatment completely tailored for your specific needs which will leave you feeling totally nourished!

1.15hrs – 60 Euros

1.5 hrs - 70 Euros



Guided meditation or/and Balancing of the 7 major chakras.

While you completely relax having your reflexology or massage session.

Reflexology, Reiki or Facial rejuvenating massage

15 minutes: 10 Euros