Tranquil Tea Blend

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Recipe for a Relaxing Herbal Infusion;

perfect for stress management

Tranquil tea: A blend of herbs to help soothe, calm and relax…a hug in a mug


Organic Chamomile ( Matricaria recutita) 23g

A gentle calming herb that helps reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.

Organic Lemon Balm ( Melissa officinalis) 10g

An uplifting lemon fragrant herbs that soothes the nervous system and improves memory

Organic Lime flower (Tilia cordata) 15g

A very grounding and soothing herbs from the blossom of the Lime flower tree. Loved by the bees, with a beautiful aroma.

Organic Rose petals ( Rosa damascena)2g

Gorgeously scented rose petal to calm the mind and body and promote restful sleep.


Weigh and combine herbs, store in an airtight container out of direct sunlight. Harvest or buy the best quality herbs you can…free from chemicals and pesticides. This total amount should give you enough for approx. 20-30 relaxing infusions.

Add 2 teaspoon per mug (approx. 300mls) to just boiled spring water, cover and infuse. Sweeten with organic honey if required.

Enjoy and relax!