Online Nourishing tool kits - Stress Management.


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Whats included?
  • Sara's presentation on stress and how it affects our bodies
  • 15 min soothing Yoga, 10 min calming breath practice and 25 min grounding yoga nidra with Fiona
  • A nourishing recipe to boost your B vitamins, essential for supporting our bodies with stress
  • The recipe for Sara's luscious Tranquil Tea
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This free gift is a small taste of what we will be offering in our Stress Management Toolkit. The toolkit will be a comprehensive set of resources to help you manage stress in your life. It will include;

  • a detailed presentation from Sara, focusing specifically on how stress can affect our hormone health, and accompanying download
  • detailed information three recommended herbs to support stress management,and accompanying PDF download
  • a 60 min grounding yoga sequence suitable for beginners, and accompanying PDF download
  • a 30 minute breath practice
  • a 45 min yoga nidra meditation
  • a short 15min yoga practice for busy moments
  • seven easy nourishing recipes for daily life

We are offering our toolkit now at the pre launch price of 60 EUR.


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