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A key part of a holistic living program or lifestyle, good nutritious food is essential to create the ideal foundation for good health, healing, weight loss or deep transformation.

We do recommend that our Online Nourishing Tool Kits are integrated with a well balanced diet rich with vegetables and fruit, very low on processed carbohydrates, and refined sugar. We do feel that a more pesticide free, plant based diet is healthier for both body and spirit.

We don't advocate any extreme diets or extreme exclusion of certain foods as this is a very personal thing. We do educate and cultivate healthy relationships to food and to eating mindfully.


Nourishing nutrition for women

Good nutrition is vital to support women's health and hormone balance. We need to focus on a diet rich in good fats, pro-tective anti-oxidants, high quality protein and vitamins and minerals. Our often hectic stressful lifestyles mean we must learn to support the functioning of our nervous system with foods rich in B vitamins and magnesium. Our monthly menses means we need to ensure we have adequate iron levels to prevent tiredness and fatigue. A healthy gut flora balance is being recognized as a crucial part of our health, immunity and hormone balance and naturally fermented foods are a rich source of these beneficial bacteria. At nourish, we aim to empower you with specific nutrition information to support your health, wellbeing and hormone balance.


Wholesome and tasty vegetarian food on our Nourish Retreat Experience.

We are a little bit particular about the food we prepare and serve for our guests. The food we prepare and serve is tasty and wholesome vegetarian and vegan food. We use vegetables from our own organic gardens and then locally sourced fruit and vegetables. We spend a lot of time and care preparing the food for our guests, and make sure that it is nutritious as well as flavour some. As a part of our Nourish in Nature Retreats, the food is integral in supporting the week of healthy well being. Eating clean, freshly prepared wholefoods with minimal sweeteners will give our guests a boost of nutrition and nourishment


Organic vegetable and herb gardens

We lovingly grow a lot of our own herbs and vegetables throughout the year. All of our food is naturally seasonal and we incorporate our harvests into our retreat meals and menu. We also dehydrate fruits, make preserves, and fermented foods. Every year we harvest our own olives to produce gorgeous green gold oil. We love to harvest the natural bounty of this fertile part of the world, and feel this gives us a deep connection with the nourishing food we produce on retreats for our guests.