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Welcome to our Nourish in Nature -  10 day Stress Management Challenge.

Thank you for taking this dive into your own self care and well being.

With our Integrated Women’s Health offerings we truly believe that we can bring lasting change to your lives through small, easy and simple daily changes or new practices to integrate into daily life.

This is a short taste of what we offer on our annual retreats and the in depth online courses that we are in the process of developing.

Day 1

– Your challenge is screen management. We challenge you to turn off before 9pm, and not to turn on your screen/ phone in the mornings.

Good sleep hygiene from Sara

Sleep hygiene is really important for a good night’s sleep, particularly deep restorative sleep. No television on in the bedroom late at night, no phones!!

Checking emails or social media just before bed. Try to replace these activities with gentle preparations for bed, a warm bath, calming meditations – Stop and Drop, and adequate daily exercise.

Rather than checking Facebook or emails, try and write a few positive sentences about your day in your journal, focusing on those things that were positive, a friendly laugh or chat with a friend or something that made you feel fulfilled. A short moment of gratitude can go a long way.

Secondly we suggest you listen once or twice daily and take a short five minutes to listen to Fiona’s Stop and Drop Practice. Just taking a brief moment out to drop deep into a centreing practice, and to incorporate this every day of the ten day challenge.