Guest review from 2018 September Retreat

As a 40-year-old professional woman living and working in London I lead a busy life and, like most women I know, I’m constantly juggling competing priorities including career, family, home and social life. Along with the added pressure I can put on myself, this juggling act can become stressful. Long days, late nights and frequent travel leaves little time for properly taking care of myself and despite good intentions, my own well being often comes low down on the priority list.

So when I booked my place on the Nourish in Nature integrated health retreat for women in Portugal last September, I knew I needed some R and R. But more than that, I needed to make some sustainable lifestyle changes. I wanted a holistic retreat experience that offered something more alongside daily yoga, which would help me get back on track with self care. But how much difference could a week’s retreat really make?

Put simply, the Nourish in Nature retreat turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was a week of sheer bliss which helped me to reset and reboot. Morning yoga and meditation sessions were both relaxing and energizing and after just five days, my body felt stronger and suppler.

Each day brought an endless variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks and my body thanked me for every mouthful. In between feasting, yoga and workshops, I enjoyed heavenly massage treatments, swam, sunbathed, chatted with like-minded women from around the world and sat in the retreat gardens to read or simply admire the view of surrounding forest, mountains and lake. I slept peacefully every night.

By the end of the week, I was a new woman. I felt truly nourished and restored in body and mind. My focus and concentration was better, my body felt fitter and healthier and I was calm and clear-headed. I knew the challenge would be maintaining the zen once I went back to work but I was confident I was taking home practical knowledge, recipes and tips to help me continue to nurture this healthier, more balanced me.

5 months on from my Nourish in Nature retreat, I’m still feeling the benefits. I’m making time for regular yoga and meditation practice. My week with Nourish in Nature was a wonderfully luxurious holiday, but it also gave me the inspirational and motivational kick start I needed to make my well being more of an everyday priority, and to do a few small, kind things for myself each day.