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Exciting News - Next Retreat at Vale de Moses March 3-9

We are super excited about this Spring, we at Nourish in Nature we will be running our March retreat at the stunning Vale de Moses in Central Portugal. From March 3 - 9.

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Sara's Elderberry – an effective anti-viral and great winter tonic

How can we help support our immune system this time of year- short days, cold temperatures, rain, damp and lots and lots of viruses going round? The humble elderberry is an effective and safe preventative winter immune tonic.

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On our June retreat we teamed up with the founders of Ethical Writers and Creatives Alden Wicker...... here is a little of her review of our Nourish in Nature Retreat

On our June retreat we teamed up with a group of women from the Ethical Writers and Creatives Network.

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