Why treat yourself to a Nourish in Nature Retreat????


  • Restore Balance in your life
    Taking time out from everyday life enables you to change the perspective, whatever stage of life . Being on a retreat allows you to tune into your own needs. With deep relaxation we step out of our own way and allow the body to heal itself or reset any imbalance without the interference of stress-fuelled 'busy mind'.

  • Learn simple ways to Nourish yourself and those around you
    Sara offers five workshops on uses of herbs for health and well being including making tinctures, harvesting herbs and making herbal balms and salves, nutritious superfood recipes, hormone health, adrenal fatigue and stress management.

  • Expand your understanding of what yoga is. On a Nourish retreat you will have at least eight yoga sessions, and learn ways to incorporate quick and simple practices into your day to day life. Each day we explore an element – of the five element vedic system – and use this as a theme for asana, pranayama and meditation practice. The three late afternoon classes will incorporate gentle movement and yoga nidra.

  • Detox your body as well as your SOUL = digital detox
    We are so busy with our jobs or our family, or both. Gain health, boost well being, Social media is an unhealthy distraction that we have become accustomed to. Work demands involve endless emails, online correspondence and the sub conscious stresses of social media. We invite you to experience the restorative benefits of a digital detox on retreat, detox your soul, give it a break, even if its just for 48 hours, not the whole week. We dare you!! (wifi is available at the retreat centre if needed)

  • Eat amazing food for a whole week
    We are pretty fussy about the food we serve guests. You will receive three freshly prepared meals every day, mostly vegan though we do serve local goat cheese and local eggs with some meals. A lot of the vegetables we use are from our own organic gardens and everything else we buy at local markets, Local raw honey, local cold pressed organic olive oil, and locally made fresh bread, which our gluten eating guests love!! (We provide vegan and gluten free options for all meals)

  • Experience Yoga Nidra
    A deep relaxation and journey into pure awareness, Yoga Nidra is a gift for everyone. It is an unbelievably healing practice, and not something you get to experience in your usual drop-in weekly yoga classes. Welcome yourself home to yourself with the practice of yoga nidra.

  • Treat yourself to the joy of a gathering of Women
    There is something special about a group of women gathering together with intent and purpose. Our retreats are intelligently designed for women's needs. You will meet other women with similar interests and with stories to share. We offer a gathering place for women of all ages to practice yoga, learn about herbal medicine and relax and enjoy a holiday in the sun.