Vrksasana - Tree Pose

When we find balance as a tree we connect our roots down into the earth and reach for the heavens. We are so blessed when we are able to practice this posture standing on the earth and surrounded by nature. Combining strength and balance with ease. Emulating the grace and beauty of a tree.

Balancing postures teach us how to live moment to moment. Physically as we balance on one foot and leg we are making constant small adjustments in the muscles of our foot, around our ankle and our standing leg. We need to let the energy of our body sink into its foundation and settle evenly throughout the body. We allow our arms to become long like the branches of a tree and extend upwards to the sky.

Like a tree in the wind, we must learn how to bend and allow the wind and storms to blow through us without knocking us down. Balancing requires constant subtle adjustments and this can teach us strategies for maintaining balance in our lives.

tree pose, asana, vrksasana, balance