Sara's article on PCOS for the Herbal Academy

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A three part series that I authored on managing PCOS naturally for the Herbal Academy in the US has just been published. It is an in depth clinical intensive suitable for herbalists, nutritionists, healthcare professionals as well as women who may have the condition and want to learn effective methods of natural self care.

The herbal academy offer online herbal training and an amazing resource called the Herbarium with a huge range of high quality resources both writing and multimedia, videos and recordings.

I have written quite a few pieces for them now on topics such as Herbal adaptogens, natural solutions to the menopause and also the advanced course on pregnancy and fertility for herbalists-and really think they provide top quality information. You pay a small subscription yearly fee and have access to all this herbal information.If you want more information go to

I love writing and researching topics- I also think it really adds to my clinical practice so I can keep on top of all the latest research in herbs and nutrition and provide the best evidence based treatments and support for my patients.

PCOS is my speciality treatment area and I have seen and helped many women help the manage the syndrome and reduce their symptoms.

You can book a consultation with me at the Tree of Life centre in Brighton or by Skype and I can empower you to manage the common condition with herbs, nutrition and lifestyle factors.


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