Leotie Lovely - Holly Rose's poetic review of her retreat with us

For our first retreat this year we teamed up with a couple of ethical fashion bloggers, Alden Wicker and Holly Rose, They are the founders of a network of primarily but not always, women ethical bloggers around 200 members I think covering all aspects of everything ethical in the world and the fashion world. We didn’y really know what to expect, and through Holly and Alden we had three more bloggers and an amazing photographer joining our group.

Read Holly’s poetic review of her retreat experience with us … Nourish in Nature

‘As we arrived, winding down the bumpy roads into the belly of the valley, I felt a familiar pull. Transformation has a pattern, like the Celtic labyrinths of our long-forgotten past, we first need to crawl towards our center, stripping ourselves of our worldly weights as well go, until all that’s left is our core.’