Food on retreat


The food we serve is mostly vegan, with a little bit of eggs or cheese on the side of some meals. As much as possible we use seasonal organic vegetables from our own gardens, then we buy at the local markets. We use our own, or local organic olive oil, and local raw honey. We get quite a lot of praise for our food.



Local Honey

We don't serve too many sweetened foods on retreat, but we do use local raw honey. It tastes as amazing as it looks.


Garlic - Rajas

We do use garlic, onion and chilli in our food. We are preparing tasty vegan and vegetarian food, as opposed to ashram style food, or food served on a very traditional meditation retreat. These feisty ingredients are regarded as being rajasic - firey, heating, stimulating etc. The nature of our lives generally is rajasic as we run around daily trying hard to achieve and fulfill our desires, over stimulated by technology, input and life. This is why if you went to an ashram or on meditation retreat, the food served would likely be without these stimulating ingredients

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organic gardens

We are all passionate about our gardens, one of the reasons we were led to live in central Portugal, an area where the locals still live a semi self sustaining lifestyle. Locally produced olive oil, cheese, wine and honey are the highlights of also inlcuding a diverse range of cabbage and locally gorown potatos