Integrated Women’s Health

What is integrated women’s health?

A whole, or holistic approach to our health and well being. Sara and Fiona bring together over 20 years of collective experience and study to offer you Nourish in Nature. We recognise the need for women to make time and space to honour their own needs, nourish and replenish their personal power.

Nourish in Nature offers an Integrated women’s health experience incorporating yoga, herbs, nutrition, meditation and knowledge. We believe that with sharing our knowledge and experience we can empower women to truly embrace the challenges of their lives.

We are passionate about offering women to tools to nourish and support themselves, both on women’s retreats and online resources and courses.

The Nourish in Nature Curriculum incorporates five principle core values;

  • knowledge and information

  • yoga, movement, meditation and yoga nidra

  • herbs and herbal medicine, kitchen medicine

  • nutrition - focusing on quick and easy recipes using ingredients which support hormone health and balance

  • self care - massage, reiki, refexology or any other treatment you desire

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Good nutrition is vital to support women's health and hormone balance. We need to focus on a diet rich in good fats, protective anti-oxidants, high quality protein and vitamins and minerals. Our often hectic stressful lifestyles mean we must learn to support the functioning of our nervous system with foods rich in B vitamins and magnesium. Our monthly menses means we need to ensure we have adequate iron levels to prevent tiredness and fatigue. A healthy gut flora balance is being recognized as a crucial part of our health, immunity and hormone balance and naturally fermented foods are a rich source of these beneficial bacteria. Our Nourish in Nature Retreats and online resources, aim to empower you with specific and easy to manage information on nutrition to better support your health, well being, hormone balance and self care plan.

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Yoga, Movement and Meditation

The practice of yoga ultimately is about connecting and developing deeper understanding of ourselves, and how we can incorporate the practice into our integrated women’s health resources. We start with our physical body. Rather than religiously following a dogmatic sequence of rigid postures, and forcing ourselves to achieve gymnastic style poses, it is important that we can learn to really tune in to our own deepest needs. This is where we can find the deepest treasures of a yoga practice.

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The importance of herbs and herbal medicine in integrated women’s health cannot be underestimated. Herbs have been used since the dawn of time to nourish and support women's health. During the rise of modern pharmaceutical medicine, we sadly forgot lost much of this rich tradition and  amazing plant knowledge. However, the use of herbs and herbs as medicine is regaining popularity and herbs can provide us with gentle support and healing capabilities. They can offer a range of phyto-nutrients with immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory and hormone balancing properties qualities.