With her warm glow, bright smile and equable effervescence, Sara bestows an honest education in identifying and cultivating herbs and remedies which aid female ailments.

She is incredibly well educated, informed, and warm in her approach, integrating her understanding of both holistic and western medicine to offer a scientific and practical view of health which addresses the root cause of each unique affliction. She operates with a sense of alchemy, guiding patients to wholly understand the nutritional and lifestyle changes which will improve their daily life with permanence.

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About Sara

Sara is a firm advocate of integrated health and the benefits of taking a holistic approach. Medical herbalists try to find the root cause of a person’s illness rather than just purely addressing their symptoms. Sara believes in finding health solutions unique to the individual, and working in partnership with the patient to make  nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve their health in the long term.

Herbal medicine involves using plant based medicines to address illnesses and help restore health. It has been used successfully for centuries and this knowledge has been refined through generations. Modern herbal medicine involves utilizing traditional knowledge and combining this with a modern scientific approach to provide integrated healthcare.


Sara is an experienced retreat manager, having worked on numerous juice, detox and yoga retreats in the UK and also in Spain and Portugal. She really believes and has witnessed the benefits of taking an integrated approach to natural health and finds that some people really need to take time out of their lives in order to address lifestyle and nutritional issues and make changes that will last.

Sara’s interest in medicinal plants stems from working on an Amazonian rainforest reserve in Ecuador after completing a degree in Anthropology and Spanish at Sussex University, Brighton. In Ecuador, she assisted the local Shaman in the propagation of medicinal plants from the rainforest and observed the medicinal qualities of plants used in a community with little access to Western drugs. Sara was so impressed in the therapeutic qualities plants could have that she decided to learn more about their diverse properties and how they could be used therapeutically as a natural form of medicine.

Subsequently, she returned to the UK and completed her BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine at the University of East London. The course consists of modules including anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology, differential diagnosis and herbal therapeutics. It places emphasis on possible herb/drug interactions and which plant medicines may be used safely with conventional medications.

She is an contributing author for the Herbarium, the online herbal resource from the Herbal Academy of New England and has recently published an article on ‘Two Herbal adaptogens for Adrenal health’.

She has been commissioned to write a three part series on ‘Natural solution to the menopause’.

Sara has also contributed to Om Yoga and lifestyle magazine.

She has been featured in the Western Morning News‘.