About Nourish in Nature

Developed by two friends, Sara Rooney, Medical herbalist BSc (Hons) BA (Hons) and Fiona MacLeod, Yoga teacher (EYR 500) living and working in Portugal. Nourish in Nature offers uniquely integrated well being programs and retreats designed especially for women. Having both worked extensively on retreats and private practice, they realised there is a need for integrated health focussed on the needs of  busy women, empowering them with information on herbs, nutrition, yoga and meditation.

We hope our resources or our retreats will help you with your health, vitality and well being. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our retreats or our online resources.  -   contact us -  contact Sara here -  or Fiona here.

Sara is a medical herbalist, specialising in women's health.

'She is a person that works from the 'heart', and this adds an added dimension of depth to her practice. Thank you Sara, it truly was a blessing to have you in my life..' Nuala S.

Fiona is a yoga teacher, passionate about empowering women to manage their own health and well being through the practice of yoga.

"Fiona is a beautiful yoga teacher who gives her students the attention and support they need. Her calming voice guides you gently through the meditations and leaves you totally relaxed.” Sandra. London

    Yoga and Meditation



    Five Foundations of Nourish in Nature

    • knowledge - we believe it is empowering to have good information about how our bodies work, particularly in relation to hormones and how they can affect our general health and well being

    • movement - our bodies are designed to move, and movement can be deeply healing, empowering and relaxing.
    • nutrition - we believe that if we can optimise our nutrition with tasty and easy recipes, we can become relaxed about what we eat and how we eat it. We are passionate about promoting a healthy attitude towards food and eating.
    • herbs -  we can further boost and support ourselves with herbs, tweaking our system, to achieve maximum benefit.
    • relaxation - stress is unavoidable, we need to develop strategies for managing the stresses and strains we all experience. yoga nidra and guided meditation can help with this.