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Nourish in nature offers both yoga retreats and online resources for reducing stress, immersing in nature and rejuvenating our lives. Next Retreat September 2020 at Quinta da Flores, contact me for booking. Confirmed dates coming soon.

Bharita - Nourished, Full

Practice - We need food of many kinds. There is the food we eat with our mouths. There is also food for thought, food for the soul, and nourishment for our hungry hearts. There is something nourishing about good music - it is like a kind of food. And there is a nourishing quality to simple sensuality, like walking in nature, with the sun shining on your skin and the wind tickling the hairs on your arms. Certain people are nourishing to be around.

We are invited here to let our meditation practice be nourishing in all these ways.

The technique is to receive all sensuous perceptions as a gift of the cosmic intelligence that is everywhere. In meditation, accept everything coming in through your channels of perception as being an emmanation from infinity, and let your soul be suffused with nourishing fullness. In meditation, pay attention to your senses and follow each one from the level on which you receive it through the channels of sensuous delight, into the soul.

Bharita, the sense of being nourished, is accessible to you through every sensual perception. All of your senses are pathways for the divine nature of life to talk to you, sing to you, touch you, feed you, delight you, entertain you. - From ‘The Radiance Sutras’ Lorin Roche.

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Do you struggle with tiredness, fatigue, stress, anxiety and hormone imbalances- and want to find natural ways to support yourself back to vitality? Check out our free stress management download - yoga, a tasty simple stress reducing recipe, yoga nidra and breath practice.

Yoga and Meditation


Are you looking for some simple nutrition tips and easy recipes to boost your energy levels and overall well being?

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Would you like to go on a yoga retreat in a non-competitive space, eating tasty wholefoods and surrounded by nature?

‘It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Emotionally and physically I moved on in just that one week. The nutritious food, the fulfilling yoga and meditation and the freedom’

Nourish in Nature Retreats have been hosted in various locations over the past few years.

March 2019 at Vale de Moses

Our 2018 Nourish in Nature retreats were hosted at Quinta Canaval, an off grid, boutique eco hotel in Central Portugal.

Our 2017 Nourish in Nature retreats were hosted at Yoga Holidays Portugal, Fiona’s off-grid, eco retreat in Central Portugal, running from 2012-October 2017, and was sadly lost in the 2017 wildfires.