About Fiona

Fiona has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for ten. She lives and works in Portugal, facilitating and teaching on retreats. She was introduced to yoga as a teenager in secondary school, Australia and completed formal training to teach in 2009 at Byron Yoga Centre, Australia.


Fiona is a remarkably experienced and informed, yet humble, teacher. I was clued into how passionate and well-educated she is through casual conversation after class, in which we would ramble over a wide range of topics. She would bring up this branch of yoga, or that immersive workshop she participated in. To talk with Fiona is to realize just how little you know about yoga, to take a look through a peephole revealing just part of yoga’s breadth and depth. I sensed a kindred spirit in her curiosity and intelligence, her grounding in research and science.

Alden Wicker -

She teaches a breath led practice incorporating both vinyasa, and slower asana with more focus on appropriate alignment and deep release. Fiona is influenced by Scaravelli inspired yoga and viniyoga (the therapeutic aspects of yoga), and is inspired to share yoga with women to support the different phases of their lives. She has also completed training to teach both pre-natal and post-natal yoga (Bliss Baby Yoga with Ana Davis) and online course Yoga Anatomy Principles with Leslie Kaminoff. She has also studied Liz Koch's online Core Awareness course, and is currently immersed on the Yoga Nidra Network's online course.

'I loved everything about this retreat. Fiona is an incredibly generous host and hugely inspirational yoga teacher. Mountain location is magical, fascinating to learn about sustainable living, food was truly wonderful! Was rather gutted when the week came to an end.'
Fran Kemp. London