About Fiona

Fiona is a yoga teacher and practitioner, mother of three, living and working in Central Portugal.

She has been teaching classes locally in Central Portugal since 2008, and on retreats since 2012.

Growing up in Australia she was introduced to embodiment practices as a child through the typical path of ballet, tap dancing and jazz. She then found yoga as a secondary school sports option, an alternate to team sports!! She was also introduced to the practice of Tai Chi through her mother from the age of 15 until she left home at 17.

She has been teaching yoga to friends since 2007, and then completed a 500 hour formal training to teach in 2009 at Byron Yoga Centre in Australia.

It was during these formative years of travel throughout Asia between 1998 – 2000 that her passion and personal practice developed.

She has been fortunate to study with many teachers and methods, and truly embraces the wide variety of methods and techniques she has been exposed to.

Her teaching style is a mix of alignment based slow vinyasa, pranayama and meditation, a variety of alternative movement practices and yoga nidra. She has become very interested in an intuitive somatic approach while still maintaining the integrity of the individual yoga postures. She also practices the more embodied meditative practices of Kashmir Shaivism.

She places great importance on slowing down, allowing time for the subtleties of the postures to be absorbed by our bodies, and for the magic of the practice to be discovered by individuals themselves, rather than overloading with instruction.

From 2012 until 2017, Fiona facilitated and taught on retreats at her own off-grid eco friendly yoga retreat. As well as teaching retreat weeks, she also prepared the majority of the food, and guided younger, newer teachers and a small team of volunteers. Unfortunately she lost her retreat centre in the October 2017 fires, and does not have any plans to rebuild the centre. In 2017 she founded retreats for women with her friend Sara. These retreats are integrated health retreats incorporating yoga, with workshops in herbs and nutrition specifically for women.

She continues her further education whenever she can;

·         completing both pre and post- natal teacher training with Bliss Baby Yoga (through Byron Yoga Centre – Australia) in 2013

·         a year long intensive yoga anatomy course with Leslie Kaminoff, Author of Yoga Anatomy in 2012

·         a one to one series of teleconference classes with Liz Koch, author of Core Awareness in 2016

·         she is currently studying a yoga for fertility course through the same Company, Bliss Baby Yoga.

Ultimately she aims to teach a whole and safe practice and to leave other practitioners with the same depth of profound experience and magic that she experiences herself. She hopes to transmit her passion for the practice to others with love and care, and to always create a trusting space for the yoga to happen.


Fiona is a remarkably experienced and informed, yet humble, teacher. I was clued into how passionate and well-educated she is through casual conversation after class, in which we would ramble over a wide range of topics. She would bring up this branch of yoga, or that immersive workshop she participated in. To talk with Fiona is to realize just how little you know about yoga, to take a look through a peephole revealing just part of yoga’s breadth and depth. I sensed a kindred spirit in her curiosity and intelligence, her grounding in research and science.

Alden Wicker -

'I loved everything about this retreat. Fiona is an incredibly generous host and hugely inspirational yoga teacher. Mountain location is magical, fascinating to learn about sustainable living, food was truly wonderful! Was rather gutted when the week came to an end.'
Fran Kemp. London