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Nourish in Nature - Integrated Women’s Health.

Our next retreat coming soon, limited spaces still available. For booking and loads more information about the stunning location check out

Women’s retreats and online resources designed specifically for women’s needs to encourage self care and an integrated health approach to improve our daily lives in simple ways. We aim to empower women through self knowledge and education.

Stay in touch for our 10 Day Stress Management Challenge…. coming soon, and we hope to launch our first in depth online course with personalised one-to-one sessions with both Sara and Fiona, in the new year.

-   It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Emotionally and physically I moved on in just that one week.  The nutritious food, the fulfilling yoga and meditation and the freedom, all a natural medicine for health and well being.  To my surprise the next month after my return I found myself pregnant after battling ten years of endometriosis and infertility. For me one of the best experiences of my life. -  Jenny, Liverpool.

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The founders of Nourish in Nature, Integrated Women’s Health. Retreats, online resources and courses for women’s well being and health. Integrated heath incorporating yoga, herbal medicine, meditation, relaxation and nutrition.

Our next retreat is from March 3rd-9th at Vale de Moses, please book directly through their site, alternatively you can check out our expanding online content to get a taste of what we can offer you. Or sign up soon for our 10 day stress management challenge.

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The Nourish in Nature retreat was an incredible experience. It was not only relaxing and energising, but also equipped me with so much information and lots of ideas for how to integrate food, herbs and yoga into my life to help feel more balanced.  - Kate. London UK.

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Do you struggle with tiredness, fatigue, stress, anxiety and hormone imbalances- and want to find natural ways to support yourself back to vitality? Check out our free stress management download - yoga, recipes, Sara’s powerpoint presentation on stress and how it affects us, relaxation, yoga nidra and breath practice. Just click here to access these resources and receive a taste of what Nourish in Nature can offer you.

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  • Would you like to develop a daily practice a yoga or meditation practice? Or find it difficult to find a little time every day for some yoga or deep relaxation or meditation.

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  • Are you looking for some simple nutrition tips and easy recipes to boost your energy levels and overall well being?

‘It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Emotionally and physically I moved on in just that one week. The nutritious food, the fulfilling yoga and meditation and the freedom’ Sylvie Geneva

Nourish in Nature Retreats for women. Integrated health retreats incorporating integrated health especially designed for women's health and well being

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We hope our resources or our retreats will help you with your health, vitality and well being. Please feel free to contact us if your have questions about our retreats or our online resources.  -   contact us -  contact  Sara here  -  or Fiona here.

Nourish in Nature 90.jpg